Text cell phone  at any time. Call at reasonable hours, we are home based.   Cell phone: 580-436-7881 . I have map quest the Stonewall School for my Address is: Donneta Williams, 16518 CR. 3650 ,  Stonewall, OK.

I can meet at Dollar General,  23468, CR. 3640, Stonewall, OK 74871

  I  can ship from OKC Will Rogers World Airport.
Price will be cost of airline and the crate and requirements of shipping which is airline vet check and crate and fuel.  

Donneta's  AKC & CKC Mini Dachshund
Donneta Williams
16518 CR 3650
Stonewall, OK. 74871

Call cell phone for immediate pictures of pup at
580-436-7881 (Cell)

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Chocolate Chip
My grandson Lucian and Penny as a fat pup of 6 months.   FIRST PLACE Winners of the Weenier Dog Races
My Sire is  Pebbles, 9 1/2 #
He is a lovely AKC chocolate dapple. He is Houdini son.  He is duel registered (AKC and  CKC) to mate with CKC registration. 
He is my main male. 
Deposits are accepted and unrefundable unless the pup becomes ill and refund will be given.  Pups that have a deposit will be expected for you to pick them up at 8 weeks age.  If you have me to keep it longer, a charge of $2. a day plus extra health care i.e. vaccination is $25.

Registrations.  All my pups can be  registered if you want registration papers.   AKC or  APRI.  I offer my pups as pets not for breeders or show.  You will be given AKC limited on pets. Or APRI pet .~~~ If you want full registration, the cost of a pup will be more. .Some of my pups are show/breeder quality.  ( CKC is full registration ) 

Health Guarantee  My pups are given wormings and first vaccination and you are expected to take pup to your vet 2 to 3 days after getting it to have it checked over and set schedule of future vaccinations..My health guarantee on genetics up to one year age. Not responsible for neglecton your part.  Must be taken to your vet within 3 days for guarantee to be valid.  If within the year period a live threatening genetic problem happens; bring pup and all papers to me and I will let you choose another pup of same value.  If more value, you would pay more.
Oklahoma grandson Lucian
helps spoil the pups with love. 
My Texas grand daughter Natalie loves dachshund too.  She is the proud owner of Velma of Scooby Do. 
Pictures of my dachshunds adults.
    CKC Annabelle is lovely dachshund which has not been mated yet.  She is great with my grand kids. A real lover. Almost old enough to mate. 
This is Christina from my   beginnings.  And this is Houdini from my beginnigs.  Houdini mated 7 # Tawnee birthed Pebbles who is my sire now. .  Tawnee is a red dapple carrying the chocolate gene. I am sure these 3 are having fun at Rainbow Bridge. 
CKC Velma of Scooby Do. My son's family breeder.
This is me, Donneta, Aug. 2020. I have raised dachshund since 1966. I started at age 19. I have learned from vets and animal care seminars on proper health and representations of the breed. Healthy pups is my goal
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 My son's family breeder. 

​This is Peaches, She is a dilute red dapple pie. She is 8 pounds of sweetness.  
Annabelle and Crash N Buddy

Report:   Jan. 15, 2023 Annabelle and Crash N Buddy
got married.  They are flirting and dancing  and are planning to have puppies.  This is the first time ever for these two. 

Some have called me about prices of pups.  I really can not say. They are both beautiful and healthy .  I expect the pups to be also. I need to see if they conceive.The earliest date could be March 15.  Then we need to check their health. Of course we need to see  what they looks like.  I am pretty sure they will be short smooth coat and either red or black and tan.  Then I we will judge their quality.  Then we will know prices.   Will show pictures of pups when born ,
I bought this little male pup to be a future breeder. My first Dachshund was a black and tan. I am anxious to see what kind of pups he will have when he is mature enough. CKC.  8 #
Keotta,is hopefully a future mother dog, She is a small mini dachshund.  Color is light red. .PUP.
I call her Gertie, she is a true minature of 11 pounds. She just had her first litter with Pebble my tiny 9 pound male
​Example of past pup
Example of past pup.
Penny, red long hair, trimmed here, sweetheart.  Wins Weenier Races.  Good to everyone and pups, a Keeper!.

Call or text me. 
580-436-7881 .
Donneta in Stonewall, OK.