Text cell phone  at any time. Call at reasonable hours, we are home based.   Cell phone: 580-436-7881 . I have map quest the Stonewall School for my Address is: Donneta Williams, 16518 CR. 3650 ,  Stonewall, OK.

I can meet at Dollar General,  23465 CR 3640 Stonewall, OK 74871

I have breed dachshund 55 . I plan to retire from raising pups in a few years. But I will always have Dachshund.   I will refer my son's dachshund for he grew up with them and plans to raise a few. He learned the proper care from me. He has some of my good quality blood lines 
I k

Donneta's  AKC & CKC Mini Dachshund
Donneta Williams
16518 CR 3650
Stonewall, OK. 74871

Call cell phone for immediate pictures of pup at
580-436-7881 (Cell)

email me
Chocolate Chip
My grandson Lucian and Penny as a fat pup of 6 months.   FIRST PLACE Winners of the Weenier Dog Races
My tiny Sire is  Pebbles, 9 1/2 #
He is a lovely AKC chocolate dapple. He is Houdini son.  He is duel registered (AKC and  CKC) to mate with CKC registration. 

Deposits are accepted and unrefundable unless the pup becomes ill and refund will be given.  Pups that have a deposit will be expected for you to pick them up at 8 weeks age.  If you have me to keep it longer, a charge of $2. a day plus extra health care i.e. vaccination is $25.

Registrations.  All my pups can be  registered if you want registration papers.   AKC or  CKC  I offer my pups as pets not for breeders or show.  You will be given AKC limited on pets. Or  ckc pet .~~~ If you want full registration, the cost of a pup will be more. .Some of my pups are show/breeder quality. 

Health Guarantee  My pups are given wormings and first vaccination and you are expected to take pup to your vet 2 to 3 days after getting it to have it checked over and set schedule of future vaccinations..My health guarantee on internal genetics up to one half year age. Not responsible for neglect on your part.  Must be taken to your vet within 3 days for guarantee to be valid.  If within the period a life threatening genetic problem happens; bring pup and all papers to me and I will let you choose another pup of same value.  If more value, you would pay more.
Oklahoma grandson Lucian
helps spoil the pups with love. 
My Texas grand daughter Natalie loves dachshund too.  She is the proud owner of Velma of Scooby Do. 
    Pictures of my dachshunds adults.
Annebelle is a  mother of   some of the pups above. She mated Crash N Buddy.  Annebelle is a shaded red.
This is Christina from my   beginnings.  And this is Houdini from my beginnigs.  Houdini mated 7 # Tawnee birthed Pebbles who is my sire now. .  Tawnee is a red dapple carrying the chocolate gene. I am sure these 3 are having fun at Rainbow Bridge. 
CKC Velma of Scooby Do. My son's family breeder.
He raises pups too.
This is me, Donneta, Aug. 2020. I have raised dachshund since 1966. I started at age 19. I have learned from vets and animal care seminars on proper health and representations of the breed. Healthy pups is my goal
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     CALL  or TEXT
 My son's family breeder. 
He raised pups too. 

​This is Peaches, She is a dilute red  pie bald. She is 8 pounds of sweetness. Will SKIP A SEASON.
This young male is QUALITY.He is CKC black and tan, true mini.  He looks like These pups you see her are his first offspring. He made pretty pups with these mama mini dachie. 

I call her Gertie, she is a true minature of 11 pounds. Will update picture of her alone 
 Call or text me 580-436-7881   I am friendly.  Easy to talk with.  I  want good homes for  these babies.  
Gertie Girl
​Asking:  $1200 
He is a true tiny mini dachshund.  Nic name (Tiny)
This is Keota Teota, a mother of the younger pups shown here.  Crash N Buddy is the father. 
My cell phone.
580 436 7881
Just a note.  I have turned Papillon over to  Melonie. So visit her on Papillon page if you are interested in them. Yes, I still have a few but I do not plan to raise any.  Maybe loan out my Papillon STUD. 
Ready to go to good homes.
Here are Teota's pups below.   I gave them nic- names  for identification of pup you may want. 

This is alburn and white pie bald male. He is a true mini dachshund. Asking  $1000.00     nic name (JOEY)
This is a very light red and white pie bald male. His is a true miniature dachshund.  Asking  $1000.00  nic-name (SKY)
A small mini  red girl, 2 back feet toes are white. A true mini dachshund. Asking  $1200.00  (TINA)
Close enough to perfect. A lovely red mini female dachshund. Ask $  1000.00 (ROSE)
Love this beauty. Color is Red Isabella,   Asking 1000.00  (Isabella) 

TINY  May mature to 8 pounds, it in his genes.