In 1999, I  began breeding show quality Papillons, of course I would not give up my miniature dachshund.  I would say although they look much different, their loving temperament, intelligence (smartest of toy group).

I have only 2 male & 2 female. I believe in QUALITY not quanity. 

My dogs are Registered with American Kennel Club.
AKC comes to my home and inspects my "small " kennel and records.  I'm in complete compliance. 
 Striving to make my best better! 

Please contact us with questions .
We’re always happy to hear from fellow dog lovers. 
Email and Call me.  So you can be sure to reach me.  Telephone is: 580-265-4685 or 580-436-7881. 

I  also have a equine hobby.  I have sold the horses, but I have  ponies.  Will offer sell a pony.  I have a 6 mo. old pony colt, he is shown here with his mother Dawn.   

I got my first miniature dachshund in 1966. 
Then on I was hooked.  
 I have a few AKC Quality Mini Dachshund, prefer QUALITY not quanity.  Have continued breeding them in a small number since 1966.   Notice: 2013, I have only 1 male and 2 female.
They are very dedicated , smart dogs with low maintenance. 
 Health, temperament and proper standards of the breed are my goal.
About Us
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              Donneta Williams              
Route 1 Box 186 B
Stonewall, OK  74871
Phone: (580) 265-4685
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Grandson Luke is now 6. He loves ponies Princess and Bob.  He can ride Bob.  The other ponies love him as he is always petting and giving treats. 
Here you  see Sugar the white and silver paint a 2007 model ; and Red Rosie a 2005 model. They are for sale.
Dawn is a 6 year old paint pony. She birthed a little red and white colt April 18, 2012.  He is a real charmer. Agitiny is what we named him. Now on June 2014, Dawn birthed another colt, just like his Daddy Bob. We call him Little Bob. 
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My oldest grand child, teenage,  is like me in her love of animals.  Princess wants to kiss her.
Dawn's second baby, a little boy, solid brown, white blaze. Born June 1, 2014. A real show looker. I call him Little Bob after his Daddy Bob. I call this baby "Little Bob"