In 1999, I  began breeding show quality Papillons, of course I would not give up my miniature dachshund.  I would say although they look much different, their loving temperament, intelligence (smartest of toy group).

I have only 2 male & 2 female. I believe in QUALITY not quanity. 

My dogs are Registered with American Kennel Club.
AKC comes to my home and inspects my "small " kennel and records.  I'm in complete compliance. 
 Striving to make my best better! 

Please contact us with questions .
We’re always happy to hear from fellow dog lovers. 
Email and Call me.  So you can be sure to reach me.  Telephone is: 580-265-4685 or 580-436-7881. 

I  also have a equine hobby.  I have sold the horses, but I have  ponies.  Will offer sell a pony.  I have a little filly that is black and white like it's mama.  She is a bit over a year old.  

I got my first miniature dachshund in 1966. 
Then on I was hooked.  
 I have a few AKC Quality Mini Dachshund, prefer QUALITY not quanity.  Have continued breeding them in a small number since 1966.   Notice: 2020, I have only 1 male and 3 female.
They are very dedicated , smart dogs with low maintenance. 
 Health, temperament and proper standards of the breed are my goal.
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Phone: (580) 265-4685
or cell ;  580-436-7881
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Awe memories:  Grandson Luke is now 12. Loves equines. .  However he has out grown ponies now. I have a stallion and two little mares.  
Here you  see Sugar the white and silver paint a 2007 model ; and Red Rosie a 2005 model. I have sold them. 
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