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Welcome to Pick your Pup up at Stonewall.  I do save pup with deposit. Deposits are not refundable so make sure you want the pup.
 If you want me to airship.
Shipping is the cost of airfare,taxes, fuel, crate, airline required vet exam and the USDA shipping papers. 
 Call me:  580-265-4685 or 580-436-7881
or email  
Limited AKC allows person to show pup in agility and obedience shows but offspring can not be registered. I recommend spay or neuter for pets.
They make better pets and health risk are less. APRI is another registration.
Papillon means Butterfly in French, but that is not where the Papillon orginated; Italy is thought to be where Papillon were established.  There are many pictures of history showing the Papillon and they were sought by royality.  They are also referred to as the Contential Toy Spaniel.  For they were derived from this breed as far as I have read.

Papillon is a cute small dog with distinctive characteristics.  They have round perky face which goes to a small mussle.  Large round eyes always filled with emotion. A most unique feature of the Papillon is its butterfly erect ears.  When observed from the front, these fringed ears resemble butterfly wings, the ones with the desired white symmentrical blaze show a butterfly body.  Mussles of Papillon are usually white.  

Papillon's short neck is furry and leads to a broad shoulder and a sunken stomach covered with abundace of fur.  Fluffy tail curls over it's back and from behind, it looks like he is wearing white britches.  Short slim legs with feathering; coat is white with patches of color or some backs are white and that is all fine.  BUT a show Papillon should have coloring completely over the ears and mask of face, white symmentrical blaze is preferred. 

Papillon learns to do tricks easily, loves to play .Dedicated to family members and will pick his favorite.  Children shoud be respectful and handle the tiny dog with care.  Papillon is very intellegent.  They are said to be the smartest of the toy group.  Intellenge makes the Papillon easy to train.   

Size preferred by show is 8 to 11 inches in height from the withers and 6 or 8 - 10 pound  .  They live a long life with good care, up to 16 years has been my experience..  

Papillon means "butterfly" ears erect;  and Phalene means "moth" ears down.  These are the two type Papillon today.  The Phalene is becoming very rare, however there are some deligent breeders bringing the Phalene back.  

Grooming is simple.  The silky single coat seems to shed dirt.  Bathing every 2 - 3 weeks is recommended.  Just wash and wear hair.  But do brush them out often, it takes very little time. The hair behind ears and at belly should be brushed for they can matt there.  Does not require hair  cut except one should trim the bottom of thier feet of that hair to help them walk steadfastly.  

Exercise is good, it makes a healthy well behaved dog.  They are protective little guard dogs and will alert you when they hear strange noices that should not be happening.  Other than that, they are quiet mannered, affectionate and very decidated to owner. 

Although these pups are Quality, I prefer to offer as AKC pets, limited registration. 

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email me
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AKC Grand Champion: Koh-Tang Dan Mayaguez Man Monarch 
father of  Azure. 
This is the Champion who sired  Oklahoma Peach.  They call him "Travis" but he has a show name.   Her mama is pointed in show.
This map will take you to Stonewall School.
I will need to give you directions to my home.
I do not mind meeting at Stonewall, depending on weather. 
Main Stud: Azure the Greatrest.
Son of Co Tang, see below,  Co Tang is an AKC  grand champion which is highly desirable. Azure looks alot like him.  Azure is father of Buttercup, the mother of this pup. 
My young dame, Oklahoma Peach.
Daughter of AKC champion, Travis, her litter mate brother,below on left is already a champion.
Mother of female, Carolina. Her mate Azure is also from Champion, her pup has home... .

 Mother Jazz
Oklahoma Peaches brother is champion now.
Healthy lovely puppies is what I love to raise.
Little Carolina
The Holland family bought this pup from me a few years ago.  I love finding good homes for my quality Papillon..
Currently have had two rounds of vaccinations and wormings are up to date.  Health Guarantee are on internal problems like heart, intestine.  Any problems would show up within a year.  AKC inspects my little kennels and dogs. I am in  complete complience with AKC who visits and checks me and my dogs

Over 50+ years, I have  raised and not had  had health problems with Dachshund. I prefer to sell to pet persons.  Deposits are required unless you are coming to  get your choice of pet in one or two days.  If you want full AKC, for breeder or show, ask me for that price.

 For 20+ years I have  raised and not had health problems with Papillon. I prefer to sell to pet persons.

  Reports from people who have adopted my pups tell me that their pet lived 12 - 16 years and have called wanting to purchase another.

                                                                                                       MY ADULTS 
My little kennel is of one male dachshund and three female dachshunds of which one of them in getting the age of retirement.   I have 3 female Papillon and 2 male Papillon .  One female is getting the age of retirement. 

I keep my older breeders/beloved pets until they go to Rainbow Bridge, they have earned my love and care and I will not "get rid of them".  Occationally a nice person wants a older dog and if they are a good home, I will entrust the dog to them.   

I am a retired teacher.  I breed  the best quality that I can afford.  Some may be show. My goal is health pets to a good loving home.  And FYI I am not replacing my breeders;  Since I am 71, II will retire when they retire. I take raising good quality, health pets seriously.  I love them.  But when I have pups, I stay at home 100% and I need to have time to go on little vacations before I go to Rainbow Bridge in Heaven to see my human family as well as my canine family that have gone before me. 

Healthy Quality Papillon and Healthy Quality Mini Dachshund is what I raise.~~~ You can reach me with your cell phone to my cell phone for  pictures.  580-436-7881 

Show potiental 
Proud Sire             Dame and 5 pups
My little Prince Pappy La Pu.  He makes beautiful pups. He is house trained, intellegent, loveing male. 
Apollo, one of my best Papillon males rehomed last year. He gave beautiful pups but now he is spayed and living like a king
No Pups at this time. All have homes. Maybe next year Enjoy pictures below and look on Links page for pictures of Papillon.