Donneta's Papillons N Dachshund  is a home based very small kennel. I raise quality AKC registered pups. Full AKC for breeder/show are higher than pet; some were showed and did win.  Pet Prices come with A Spay/Neuter Contract , Health Guarantee.
                          A bit of History.
I  started with  Minature Dachshund 1966.  In 1998 I was at Dog Show and fell in love and started  Papillon.

 My goal is Good Temperament, Health and Proper
standards of the breed. I keep health up to date and feed high quality dog food.   Look my doggies over and welcome to sign Guest Book.
Thanks, Donneta
Donnetas Papillons N Dachshund

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 Donneta Williams
Route 1 Box 186 B
CR 16518 CR 3650
Stonewall, OK  74871 
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This page was last updated: October 15, 2018
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Shipping is Available

 Price of shipping has went up.  Estimate 400. and up (depending on Airlines)
This includes airfare, fuel, tax, crate, and USDA health and shipping papers. 
We also welcome you to Pick up your new Puppy
This young pup is winner in Show
He was born here 
I prefer to sell quality pets to good home. 
I will sell AKC breeder/show, price is higher than pet.
 We highly recommend spay or neuter to protect the pet population. 
 We do not want any pound puppies. 

All  these pups and dogs below  were born here
Good Mommies, my beginnings
One of my female pups owned now by Lisa, wins
Copyright © Owner Donneta Williams All Rights reserved Worldwide
Donneta with two of her grandkids, Lu and Nat.
Showing  Papillon pups that was born here. Quality.
Colors can be red and white, black and white, liver and white and this one is a sable and white..
Showing a Mini Dachshund that was born here. Quality. Colors can be black and tan, red, chocolate and tan, sometimes red. The patterns can be solid or dapple.